The CSGO community is abuzz with excitement as the highly anticipated CS2 inches closer to its release. Along with today's patch notes, we received great news from Valve. Italy is being added to the deathmatch and casual game modes in the beta tests for Counter-Strike 2!

Many fans have long awaited the return of Italy to the map pool. This reimagined battleground seamlessly melds nostalgia with modern gameplay mechanics. The remastered version is already receiving positive feedback after the first demonstrations.

X user @ThourCS compared the old and new versions of the map. The effects are mind-blowing, see for yourself in the video below!




The second great news is the smoke update. The change mainly relates to their size. It looks like we will again have to learn how to throw them correctly. See for yourself!



The CS2 developers showed off some more updates. Hostage models have been changed, disabling competitive and private matchmaking modes, sound adjustments, and a few more. 

You can see all the changes in the link below:

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