Valve has updated the official ranking of esports teams, bringing forth the list of invited teams for Major Closed Qualifiers. This crucial update sets the stage for intense competition, with 44 teams from around the world gearing up to battle for supremacy.


Diverse Representation


The Major Closed Qualifiers will witness the clash of these 44 teams, representing different regions:

Europe: 16 teams
North America: 8 teams
South America: 8 teams
Oceania: 4 teams
China: 4 teams
East Asia: 3 teams
Middle East: 1 team

This diverse representation ensures a truly global and competitive spectacle, with each team eager
to secure a coveted spot in the Major.



Potential Changes on the Horizon


While the initial list has been revealed, the dynamic nature of esports brings the possibility of changes, particularly with rumors circulating about the potential disbanding of Evil Geniuses. If confirmed,
a replacement team will step in to fill the void, adding an element of uncertainty to the lineup.


Adapting to Roster Changes


Esports teams are no strangers to roster changes, and the updated ranking may not fully capture recent adjustments, such as those witnessed in the ENCE lineup. The fluid nature of team dynamics
in CS2 demands constant adaptation, and changes are expected to continue shaping the esport scene.

Stay tuned for further updates as the esports community eagerly awaits the unfolding of the CS2 Major Closed Qualifiers. The journey to the Major is filled with challenges, and only the best will emerge victorious on this global stage.

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