The Kilowatt Case in CS2 has introduced a wide variety of new skins, each with its own unique aesthetic and design. Here is a list of the skins included in the Kilowatt Case, along with a brief description of each:


Dual Berettas | Hideout:

Inspired by the Overpass map, these skins exude a stylish and detailed Berlin vibe, making them a visually appealing and unique addition to the pistol.


MAC-10 | Light Box:

A futuristic black skin with a pearlescent finish, giving it a distinct and modern look.


Nova | Dark Sigil:

This skin is a reference to Scandinavian mythology, adding a touch of lore and history to the game.


SSG 08 | Dezastre:

A visually striking skin for the SSG 08 sniper rifle, featuring a unique and detailed design.


Tec-9 | Slag:

This skin offers a rugged and industrial aesthetic, with intricate details and a weathered appearance.


UMP-45 | Motorized:

The UMP-45 | Motorized skin features an industrial-grade quality and mechanical theme.


XM1014 | Irezumi:

Inspired by traditional Japanese tattoo art, this skin offers a unique and visually striking design for the XM1014 shotgun.


Glock-18 | Block-18:

A bold and modern skin for the Glock-18, featuring a geometric design and vibrant colors.


M4A4 | Etch Lord:

This skin offers a detailed and intricate design for the M4A4 rifle, with a dark and imposing aesthetic.


Five-Seven | Hybrid:

A skin reminding of purple zebra. Dark and mysterious aesthetic.


MP7 | Just Smile:

This skin offers a lighthearted and colorful design for the MP7 submachine gun, with a playful and vibrant aesthetic.


Sawed-Off | Analog Input:

Inspired by retro technology, this skin offers a unique and visually striking design for the Sawed-Off shotgun.


M4A1-S | Black Lotus:

A sleek and modern skin for the M4A1-S, featuring a bold and minimalist design with a dark aesthetic.


Zeus x27 | Olympus:

The first-ever skin for the Zeus x27, offering a bold and imposing design for this iconic weapon with of course an olympic Zeus on it.


USP-S | Jawbreaker:

A graffiti themed skin depicting a wide-open mouth of an monster and a daddy sign.


AWP | Chrome Cannon:

Revolutionary design, with colors that shimmer in a very unusual way, giving it a gorgeous and fresh appearance.


AK-47 | Inheritance:

The AK-47 | Inheritance skin in CS2 features a unique ceramic design inspired by traditional Chinese porcelain and Delft Blauw art.


These new skins have been well-received by the community, offering players a wide variety of customization options and adding fresh and exciting visuals to the game.

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