In CS2, your appearance is a reflection of your personality and playstyle. With these affordable glove skins, you can elevate your game aesthetics without emptying your wallet. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of leather or the bold statements of neon, there's a glove skin for every budget.


Driver Gloves Rezan the Red:


These gloves feature a luxurious red and black color scheme, accented with intricate patterns that give them a sophisticated and aggressive appearance. The blend of colors and patterns makes them standout accessories for players looking to add a touch of elegance and fierceness to their in-game character.


Broken Fang Gloves Unhinged:


The Unhinged variant of the Broken Fang Gloves showcases a daring design with a combination of dark, muted tones and sudden bursts of bright color. This design encapsulates a sense of rebellion and uniqueness, making it a perfect choice for players who want their in-game appearance to reflect a bold and unconventional style.


Driver Gloves Queen Jaguar:


The Queen Jaguar gloves are all about luxury and rarity, featuring a sleek black base with a stunning, detailed jaguar print over the top. This exotic animal print, combined with the gloves' high-quality texture, exudes an air of sophistication and power, appealing to players who prefer their gear to make a statement of strength and elegance.


Hand Wraps Duct Tape:


Embodying a raw, utilitarian aesthetic, these gloves appear as if they've been hastily wrapped in duct tape, providing a gritty and rugged look. This skin is ideal for players who appreciate a minimalist approach, emphasizing functionality and resilience over flashy design.


Moto Gloves Smoke Out:


The Smoke Out gloves present a modern and sleek design with a base of dark colors contrasted by vibrant neon highlights. This striking combination ensures that these gloves are noticeable in any setting, catering to players who enjoy a fusion of contemporary style with a hint of edginess.

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