In Counter-Strike 2, showcasing your style doesn't have to break the bank, especially when it comes to decking out one of the most versatile rifles in the game: the AUG. The market offers a variety of skins that can make your AUG stand out without requiring a hefty investment. Here, we spotlight some of the best budget-friendly AUG skins that combine aesthetic appeal with affordability, ensuring your arsenal looks top-notch in every match.


AUG | Storm

The Storm skin envelops your AUG in a tempest of grey and black, mimicking the chaotic beauty of a raging storm. Its minimalist design, featuring streaks of white across a dark, cloudy backdrop, embodies the calm and focus needed amidst the chaos of battle. This skin is perfect for players who prefer a subtle yet powerful statement on the battlefield.


AUG | Ricochet

Ricochet brings a dynamic flair to the AUG with its vibrant patterns of bouncing lines and geometric shapes. Set against a background that transitions from dark to light, it symbolizes the unpredictability of every encounter. This skin is an excellent choice for those who wish to add a splash of energy and movement to their gameplay.


AUG | Navy Murano

Navy Murano skin wraps your AUG in a sophisticated pattern of blues. This skin not only stands out for its unique craftsmanship but also for the elegance it brings to the field. It's designed for players who appreciate the finer details and want their weapon to reflect a sense of sophistication and artistry.


AUG | Momentum

Momentum is all about forward motion and progress, characterized by its sleek lines and forward-moving arrows against a backdrop of graduated blues. It's a skin that speaks to those with a relentless drive to push through the ranks and dominate the competition. With its modern and clean design, the Momentum skin is for the strategist who's always thinking one step ahead.


AUG | Arctic Wolf

The Arctic Wolf skin is a testament to endurance and adaptability, featuring a striking depiction of a wolf fur set against a snowy, white background. This skin symbolizes the lone warrior's strength and resilience, making it a perfect match for players who thrive under pressure and stand their ground no matter the odds.


AUG | Fleet Flock

Fleet Flock stands out with its playful and whimsical design of birds against a teal backdrop, bringing a touch of the unexpected to the battlefield. It's a skin that doesn't take itself too seriously yet commands attention with its bold and unique pattern. This choice is ideal for those looking to bring some light-hearted fun into the game while still maintaining a competitive edge.

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