Finally, what we have all been waiting for! Another pool of access to Limited Test CS2 has just been sent out to players! To be among the lucky ones, you must have a Prime account and a rank in tournament mode.

In addition, we have confirmation of the rumors we described in a previous article. The number of rounds is reduced to 12 per half, giving us a maximum of 24 in a full match. The structure of the games does not change, it will still consist of 3 matches per half.


What's more, a new version of Inferno is being added to Premier Play. The first videos of walkthroughs of the revamped map are already appearing online. The remake has been a hit with players, as can be seen from the comments under the video. See for yourself!


Another big change is the introduction of CS Rating. From now on, players will earn ranks on individual maps. This means that you can have two different ranks on two maps, for example, Gold on Vertigo and Global on Anubis. In addition, Valve is introducing leaderboards that will show the top 1,000 players from a specific region.

For more info about CS Leaderboard, please visit their FAQ!


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