Are you a die-hard Counter-Strike 2 player looking to unlock the elusive hidden achievement on Steam? Look no further! This guide will provide you with all the information you need to earn the "A New Beginning" achievement in CS2.


What is the CS2 Hidden Achievement on Steam?


The "A New Beginning" achievement is currently the only achievement available in Counter-Strike 2 on Steam. Its description reads: "This is Counter-Strike, too." While the name and description may seem cryptic, unlocking this achievement is surprisingly straightforward.

How to Get the CS2 Hidden Achievement on Steam?


To unlock the "A New Beginning" achievement in Counter-Strike 2, you need to complete a simple task: get a multi-kill and finish the match. A multi-kill refers to getting two or more kills in quick succession. The easiest way to achieve this is by playing Deathmatch or any free-for-all mode, where you'll have plenty of targets to take down. Alternatively, you can attempt it in Casual mode, but it might be more challenging due to players being more cautious. Once you've secured a multi-kill, simply finish the match you're playing, and the achievement should pop up, rewarding you with the "A New Beginning" achievement.

It's worth noting that the achievement can be unlocked in any game mode, including bot matches, premier matches, deathmatch, or wingman games. So, feel free to choose the mode that suits your playstyle best.

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