Bots in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) can be useful for practice, but sometimes you may want to remove them to focus on specific training or to play with friends without AI interference. This guide will show you how to remove bots in CS2 using simple console commands.


Why Remove Bots in CS2?


Removing bots can help you:

  • Practice grenade lineups without distractions.
  • Study map layouts more effectively.
  • Enjoy a custom game with friends without AI players.


Steps to Remove Bots in CS2


Follow these steps to remove bots from your CS2 game:

  1. Load into a Custom Game or Practice Lobby:
    • Start CS2 and create or join a custom game or practice lobby.
  2. Open the In-Game Console:
    • Enable the developer console from the settings menu if you haven't already.
    • Press the tilde key (~) to open the console.
  3. Enter the Console Commands:
    • Use the following commands to remove bots:
      • bot_kick - Removes all bots.
      • bot_kick T - Removes all Terrorist bots.
      • bot_kick CT - Removes all Counter-Terrorist bots.
      • bot_kick "Name" - Replace "Name" with the specific bot's name to remove it.
  4. Press Enter:
    • After typing the command, press Enter to execute it.


How to Add Bots Back in CS2


If you decide to add bots back to your game, you can use these commands:

  • bot_add - Adds a bot to the opposing team.
  • bot_add_t - Adds a bot to the Terrorist team.
  • bot_add_ct - Adds a bot to the Counter-Terrorist team.


Additional Tips


  • Prevent Bots from Rejoining:
    • Use mp_limitteams 1 to prevent bots from rejoining after being kicked.
    • Use mp_autoteambalance 0 to stop auto-balancing.
  • Set Bot Quota:
    • Use bot_quota X (replace X with the number of bots) to set the total number of bots in the game.




Removing bots in CS2 is straightforward and can enhance your gaming experience by allowing you to focus on specific aspects of the game. Whether you're practicing alone or playing with friends, knowing how to control bot presence is a valuable skill.For more CS2 tips and guides, stay tuned to our website and improve your gameplay today!

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