Release Notes for 10/9/2023


  • Fixed a case where feet would appear black when looking down at them through a scope
  • Fixed a memory leak due to particles


  • Fixed several hitbox alignment bugs
  • Fixed knife spinning not feeling as fast as in CS:GO
  • Fixed the bolt not moving during the M4A4 and M4A1-S deployment animations
  • Fixed a bug where weapon inspect could interrupt the silencer toggle animation

[ MAPS ]

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to Mirage, Vertigo, and Nuke

[ MISC ]

  • Fixed several bugs with "Looking to Play"
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and stickers
  • Fixed a bug where loadout changes weren't saved if the game was closed shortly after making changes
  • Fixed a bug where Steam Friends' match status was delayed or missing
  • CPU performance improvements for weapon tracers
  • Added an official matchmaking datacenter in Chengdu, China
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