Embrace the Futuristic Aesthetic with Halloween Counter-Strike Skins


The dark season is here, and in the realm of Counter-Strike, it's the ideal moment to embrace a spooky assortment of skins that will enhance your gameplay and transport you to the spooky atmosphere of Halloween. These eerie fashionable skins will make your opponents tremble with anticipation as you enter a world of spine-tingling pleasures.


Each skin turns into a ghostly relic that tells its own unsettling story as you explore the foreboding virtual battlefields. Beyond being firearms, the R8 Revolver | Bone Forged, Tec-9 | Toxic, and USP-S | Kill Confirmed are artifacts from the otherworldly realm. Your loadout changes into an ensemble of the macabre, prepared to terrorize your adversaries.



USP-S | Kill Confirmed $28.91

Tec-9 | Toxic $2.90

R8 Revolver | Bone Forged $0.04


P90 | Shallow Grave $1.57

MAC-10 | Curse $6.60


MAG-7 | Monster Call $0.23

Nova | Hyper Beast $8.75


AK-47 | Rat Rod $2.88

M4A4 | Tooth Fairy $2.30

FAMAS | Styx $3.21

AWP | Containment Breach $42.04

SSG 08 | Bloodshot $6.53


Gloves & Knife

Moto Gloves | Blood Pressure $84.28

Huntsman Knife | Slaughter $266.41

And now, to complete this haunting collection, we've tallied the prices of all these spooky skins, and they can be purchased just from $446.45. This Halloween, are you ready to step into the spooky world of CS2, not just as a player but as a storyteller of the macabre, creating your narrative in the eerie ambiance of the game? Embrace the unknown and revel in the dark tales your loadout can tell.

Spooky Halloween!


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