Elevator peek is new gamebreaking bug in Counter-Strike 2


For players, Counter-Strike 2's release has been an exciting but imperfect trip. The gameplay becomes progressively unpredictable as new bugs and glitches are discovered every day.
The underwater speed boost on Anubis and the latest "Michael Jackson" peek are just two examples of how CS2 fans have been delving into the game's complexities and finding both entertaining and gameplay-altering bugs.


Unveiling the Elevator Bug


We're going to show you another amazing trick today that defies the rules of CS:GO gameplay.
The so-called "Elevator Bug" lets users enter areas of the game that are otherwise unreachable.
With the use of this innovative move, players can take the upper hand and obtain a position from which they may execute devastating shoots.


Mastering the Elevator Bug


Executing the Elevator Bug requires the collaboration of two players. Here's how to perform this trick. One of players must jump into the other's lap while holding Shift, W, A and D.
When successful, aim down and continue to hold down the 4 keys mentioned.
Once you're in the air, you can aim and fire shots without any inconvenience!

The Elevator Bug introduces a whole new dimension to CS2 gameplay. It enables players to reach elevated spots that would otherwise be impossible, catching unsuspecting enemies off guard.
With this strategic advantage, players can eliminate opponents and turn the tide of the game
in their favor.

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