The latest update to Counter-Strike 2 has introduced a fascinating and highly anticipated feature—the return
of Workshop. With this update, players once again have the opportunity to explore user-created maps, opening the door to fresh experiences and exciting challenges. The CS2 community wasted no time, and modders immediately set to work, delivering a collection of captivating maps.

CSStats Training Map (CSGOHUB)

One standout creation is the CSStats Training Map (CSGOHUB). This map has garnered high ratings for its role as a training ground for players. It provides an ideal environment to warm up before matches, experiment with various weapons, and refine aiming skills. For players looking to sharpen their abilities and gain a competitive edge, this map is an invaluable resource.

Link to the map here: CSStats Training Map (CSGOHUB)

fy_pool_day (CS2)

For those who cherish the nostalgia of Counter-Strike 1.6, the fy_pool_day map has made its triumphant return in CS2. This classic map has been reimagined and adapted for the latest iteration
of the game. It's a delightful blast from the past for long-time players and a fresh and exciting experience for newcomers. fy_pool_day embodies the timeless charm of classic Counter-Strike maps.

Link to the map here: fy_pool_day (CS2)


This map offers an intriguing twist on the AWP duel, pitting players against each other in an arena reminiscent of Lego blocks. The playful and distinctive design of this map adds a unique flavor to AWP duels, delivering an engaging and visually stimulating experience.

Link to the map here: awp_lego_2


Bunny hopping enthusiasts have reason to rejoice, as the workshop has brought back the beloved gameplay mode with Bhop_Colour. This map is designed for players to perfect their bunny hopping skills and complete courses in record time. It's a thrilling and challenging addition that fans of bunny hopping will appreciate.

Link to the map here: Bhop_Colour


These user-created maps represent just the initial wave of creativity in the CS2. With Workshop back
in action, the possibilities are boundless, and we can't wait to see how the Counter-Strike 2 engine will be harnessed by modders. The CS2 community is in for a journey filled with innovation, new experiences, and the enduring spirit of Counter-Strike.

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