Now that winter has arrived in Counter-Strike 2, it's important to strengthen your weaponry while also adding some seasonal flair. The CS2 Winter EQ by Kinguin, is a carefully chosen collection of skins with a winter theme that will make sure you play in style and to the fullest extent possible. Let's investigate the icy charm of these skins that guarantee style and value for money.




USP-S | Printstream -$18.98


Glock-18 | Neo-Noir - 5.03$


CZ75-Auto | Tuxedo - $0.29





UMP-45 | Arctic Wolf - $0.14


MP7 | Whiteout - $7.80




AUG | Arctic Wolf - $1.08


Galil AR | Tuxedo - $0.28


M4A1-S | Printstream - $74.65


AK-47 | Frontside Misty - $6.09


AWP | Neo-Noir - $14.44



Knife and Gloves


★ Bayonet | Damascus Steel - $236.80


★ Driver Gloves | Snow Leopard - $251.03



Kinguin's CS2 Winter EQ offers a selection of skins with a winter theme that revolutionize CS:GO style. You may enter the virtual battlefield with confidence knowing that your loadout not only performs but does so with unmatched elegance, all for a total of $616.61 with this carefully chosen winter collection. Are you prepared to face off in winter combat style?


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