Take on the excitement of learning how to move in Counter-Strike 2 with the newest map, "Only Up." This carefully crafted mod offers a unique variation while reflecting the original game with the same title. As the name implies, players travel upward while navigating a complex track that is full of obstacles and platforms.


Training Takes a Vertical Turn



"Only Up" aims to completely transform the way players approach movement training. This map,
in contrast to the typical ones, requires you to climb creatively, which improves your reflexes and agility. You can expect an exciting experience that keeps you on your toes thanks to the thoughtfully planned platforms and challenges."Only Up" accommodates various playstyles, whether you choose the companionship of friends or alone exploration. Either challenge yourself to beat your personal records in solo mode, or organize a climbing competition with others.


Master the Movement



Conquering "Only Up" isn't just a feat in itself; it's a stepping stone to mastering other in-game challenges. After navigating the intricacies of this unique map, jumping from the window to the mirage will feel like a piece of cake. Sharpen your skills, and showcase your movement skills on ranked matches!

You can find link to the map here: ONLY UP! (CS2)

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