Release Notes for 11/30/2023



  • Sub-tick timing improvements to various systems including grenade throw animations and revolver firing
  • Added a missing fire effect to molotovs that are held by players


  • Reduced the amount that player characters will rotate their torso away from leg orientation
  • Improved hit reactions
  • Made jump animations directional
  • Improved character posing when aiming up and down
  • Improved foot placement and posing when running
  • Reduced animation posing when deploying
  • The timing of a players flashbanged posing now more accurately represents the player's ability to see


  • Fixed issue with Shadow Daggers playing catch sound during looping inspect animation
  • Further refined falloff distance curves and volume of grenade bounces
  • Lowered volume of deathmatch bonus period ending
  • Lowered volume of lobby chat notification sound
  • Fixed missing water drip console errors in Office
  • Increased audible distance of breaking glass window sounds
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a Sabre agent would say hostage related lines when cheering

[ MISC ]

  • Adjusted wear values of most tournament stickers and many other stickers to better match CS:GO
  • Changed handling of non-default console key bindings to match CS:GO behavior

[ MAPS ]

  • Fixed cubemap issue at Lobby
  • Fixed hole at B-site
  • Fixed some holes at Ramp Room
  • Fixed glass floor material at B-Site not having impact effects
  • Fixed up footstep sounds on hazard stripes
  • Attempt to fix light leaking through base of doors at B-site
  • Brightened red interior walls to help with agent vis
  • Fixed pixel boost on chainlink fence outside
  • Fix shadows leaking through double doors at B-site
  • Made cubemap transitions smoother in some places at b-site


  • Fixed clipping on van at Truck
  • Clipped fridge in Apartments to prevent player becoming stuck
  • Adjusted bombsite A size and added visual boundaries
  • Fixed collision on Scaffolding to provide smooth movement
  • Fixed geometry and clipping outside Sniper's Nest to prevent pixel walking


  • Improved clipping around desks at t-spawn
  • Improved clipping on crates at Back Courtyard
  • Re-added collision to handrails


  • Extended staircase and added grenade clip to stairs at near t-spawn to prevent grenades becoming wedged in gap
  • Fixed clipping on crate at mid
  • Fixed clipping on scaffold at back of A
  • Fixed clipping on scaffold at T-start
  • Fixed vis bug at A-ramp looking toward Bridge
  • Fixed grenade clip on support beam at A-ramp
  • Plugged Holes in insulation foam roll model


  • Fixed hole under pillar at A-site
  • Fixed clipping above walkway stairs in Palace
  • Closed up multiple microgaps throughout the map
  • Fixed some clipping on pillar at A-site
  • Fixed clipping on doorway at b-site
  • Plugged some micro holes
  • Fixed gap between two clip brushes that allowed bomb to be thrown on top of building
  • Fixed slight wall gap that allowed sniping into bombsite A
  • Fixed clipping on doorway at b-site


  • Fixed various gaps in the world
  • Fixed various texture seams
  • Closed gap that looks into Jaguar area
  • Adjusted clipping along fence near A-site
  • Adjusted clipping around tree base on A-site boost
  • Adjusted position of stone near B-site that player could crouch in
  • Added clipping to the top of the map to help minimize player exploits
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