The CS2 esports scene is gearing up for the grand finale of 2023 with the BLAST Premier World Final. Taking place in the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, this tournament marks the culmination of a year filled with intense CS2 competition.


Powerhouse Teams


Eight formidable teams have secured their spots in the BLAST Premier World Final, divided into two competitive groups.

Group A:

Natus Vincere

Group B:


These teams represent some of the most formidable and accomplished teams worldwide in CS2. These titans square off to determine who will be the last CS2 champion of 2023, setting up an exciting showdown.

The BLAST Premier World Final 2023 isn't just a battle for glory; it's a quest for a share of the impressive $1,000,000 prize pool. The stakes are incredibly high, with the winning team set to claim
a hefty $500,000 reward. This substantial reward not only recognizes their skills but also solidifies their place as the CS2 champions of the year.


Who Will Emerge Victorious?


With such a powerhouse lineup, predicting the winner is a challenge. The answer will unfold in the days leading up to December 17, promising CS2 enthusiasts an exhilarating end to an action-packed year.

As the BLAST Premier World Final 2023 unfolds, the CS2 community eagerly anticipates the crowning of the last champion of the year. From group-stage skirmishes to the final clash, every moment
is destined to be etched in CS2 history.

You can watch the competition on the stream below:

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