Add your SteamID64 to calculate the value of your CS2/CSGO Steam inventory. Check with our tool which marketplace is the best place to sell your skins!
What is a CS2 Inventory Calculator?
A CS2 Inventory Calculator is a specialized online tool designed to analyze your Counter-Strike 2 inventory and provide an accurate estimation of its total value. By scanning your Steam account, it meticulously evaluates each skin, sticker, and item, taking into account factors such as rarity, condition, and market demand.
How to Use Our CS2 Inventory Calculator
Using our CS2 Inventory Calculator is really simple. Simply follow these steps:
  1. Visit our website and locate the Inventory Calculator.
  2. Enter your SteamID64 (Check how to do it below) .
  3. The calculator will automatically scan your inventory and display the total value, along with a breakdown of each item's worth.
It's that simple! No need to log in or share any sensitive information – our calculator operates securely and efficiently.
What is SteamID64 and How to Find it
Here are the steps to find your SteamID64:
  1. Open the Steam client and log into your account.
  2. Click on your username located in the top-right corner of the Steam window.
  3. Select "View Profile" from the dropdown menu.1
  4. In the address bar of your profile page, you will see a long string of numbers. This is your 17-digit SteamID, also known as your SteamID64.
Your SteamID64 is a unique 17-digit number that identifies your Steam account. It cannot be changed or customized, unlike your Steam username or profile URL. Knowing your SteamID64 is useful for various purposes within the Steam ecosystem and other gaming platforms.
Is the CS2 Inventory Calculator Safe?
Absolutely! Our CS2 Inventory Calculator is designed with your security as the top priority. We never ask for your Steam login credentials or any personal information. The calculator merely scans publicly available data from your Steam profile, ensuring your privacy is protected at all times.
How to Calculate CS2 Inventory Value?
Our calculator employs advanced algorithms to determine the value of your CS2 inventory. It considers various factors, including:
  • Condition (wear level)
  • Official Steam Community Market and other marketplaces prices
  • Total value of your inventory
By taking these elements into account, our calculator provides an accurate and up-to-date valuation of your inventory.
How Much Space Do You Get in the CS2 Inventory?
Counter-Strike 2 offers a generous inventory space, allowing players to store a vast collection of skins, stickers, and other items. While the exact capacity may vary based on updates and expansions, most players will find ample room to accommodate their growing arsenal.
What is the Most Valuable CS2 Inventory?
The most valuable CS2 inventory belongs to GOODKID, valued at an astounding $823,408.33 (£667,528.90).
Key Details About GOODKID's Inventory
  • It tops the list of the most expensive CS2 inventories in 2024.
  • The collection features some of the most coveted and rare skins in CS2.
  • It showcases GOODKID's dedication, strategic acumen, and success in the competitive trading arena for CS2 skins.
  • Possessing such a prestigious and valuable inventory marks GOODKID as a true connoisseur of rare CS2 items.
  • The staggering value of over $800,000 sets a benchmark in the CS2 community for valuable virtual asset accumulation.
GOODKID's inventory stands out as the pinnacle of CS2 skin collecting, with its exceptional value and rarity of items reflecting the immense effort and commitment invested in curating this remarkable collection. Unlock the secrets of your Counter-Strike 2 inventory today with our user-friendly and secure Inventory Calculator. Discover the value of your collection and take your gaming experience to new heights!
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