Jumpthrowing in Counter-Strike 2 involves throwing a grenade while jumping, allowing it to cover more distance. While CS2 offers default jump throws, creating a jump throw bind can ensure perfect execution every time. Here's a guide on how to set up a jump throw bind in CS2:


Creating a Jump Throw Bind:

Using Console Commands and Alias:
Enter the following commands in the CS2 console:
alias "+jumpaction" "+jump;"
alias "+throwaction" "-attack; -attack2"
alias "-jumpaction" "-jump"
Bind these commands to a key, e.g., bind "v" "+jumpaction;+throwaction;"
This method requires re-entering commands each game session.


Through Config File:

Create a new file in the CS2 config folder.

Add the commands:

alias "+jumpaction" "+jump;"
alias "+throwaction" "-attack; -attack2"
alias "-jumpaction" "-jump"
bind v "+jumpaction;+throwaction;"

Save the file
In the game console, bind the config execution: "exec jump".


Executing the Jump Throw:

Hold down your LMB and press the assigned key (V) to perform a jump throw.
This technique enhances gameplay by allowing precise grenade throws while on the move, crucial for strategic plays and map control.

By setting up a jump throw bind in CS2, players can efficiently execute jump throws without relying on manual timing, enhancing their gameplay skills and strategic capabilities in the competitive world of Counter-Strike 2.

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