Players via social media brag about their point gains in Premier mode which often reach values above 900 points
per game. The latest patchnotes do not even mention the changes made to the ELO system. Is this a intended move by Valve's developers or are we once again witnessing a bug?


Deliberate Modification or Unnoticed Error?


The CS2 community is speculating now—were developers at Valve purposefully changing the ELO system, or are players taking the benefits of an unanticipated bug? Players' arguments have become more heated and concerns about the fairness of the competitive ranking system have been raised
by the official sources' lack of clarity.


Is Playerbase Increasement Connected With ELO Bug?


Coinciding with the mysterious rise in ELO points is a notable upswing in the number of players, marking the first increase in 30 days. The question arises: Is this a consequence of the reported bug, with players returning to the game enticed by the prospect of a swift ascent to their desired rank?
The community remains on edge, eagerly awaiting official clarification from Valve.



As the CS2 community grapples with the uncertainty surrounding the integrity of the Elo system, players are left in suspense, pondering whether they are unwittingly benefiting from an unintended exploit or if Valve has orchestrated a deliberate transformation in the competitive landscape.

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